Review Policy

I am willing to accept ARCs, may it be a physical ones (paperback or hardbound), or digital copies (any format will do, but a pdf is preferable). Take note that if you’re planning to send physical copies of your book, please keep in mind that I’m a blogger residing in the Philippines.

I write back to every request I was sent, though you should know that not all will be granted.

I am a newbie blogger not a professional reviewer, and so I will try my best to review the book to the best of my ability, with all honesty and decency. In case I didn’t finish a book, I would so state my reasons why. Don’t worry , I will still be nice in writing my review for a book I didn’t like.

I did not get paid for any review that I will make as I do this in honor of my passion and love for reading books.

It will take time to read and write a review. If you have a specific date that you’d like for me to follow then feel free to tell me and I’ll try to finish the review as soon as I can, because of university schedule and my upcoming second internship class. All reviews will be posted on the blog and will be promoted at Twitter. I will also post my review on Amazon, Goodreads and My Bookish Dreams’ account on tumblr.

I value and uphold the author’s intellectual property and copyright so do not worry as I will never sell, share, forward, copy, distribute, trade, or in any way infringe books that I will receive.

Genre’s I will review includes:

-Science Fiction
-New Adult
-Young Adult

Genre’s I will not review:


At times I may accept books that are included in a series.

In addition to doing a book review, I am willing to participate in giveaways, cover reveals, blog tours, book blitz, author interviews, and other promos.

Interested? Shoot me an e-mail at


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