How Tuesdays With Morrie Changed My Life

I would like to tell you about the book that I truly love. The book that made the little girl inside of me cry. The book that held up all of life’s lessons, showing there’s still goodness left in the world. How an old man smacked my face, woke me up from a restless sleep. My questions about life was answered by him.

In our life, there are things that we don’t find that valuable. But somehow people believe that these things are imperative in helping making others see daylight. Whether it is a person or an event, it will affect you positively or negatively, and somehow that change is complex as it is crucial in the development of ourselves.

But how did my life got renewed? My life changed the day I read Tuesdays With Morrie. Now probably you think I’m being hyperbolic about this, but really, a book can have that effect on a reader.

It all started as an English project five years ago. I thought I couldn’t get anything at all from that book since I was forced to read it. But to my surprise, I got more in return, further than the price when I bought it.

It was just another ordinary school day. Homeworks and projects are being assigned to the students. Part of me back then dreaded why teachers would require their pupils to read a certain literary work. But I really love books, I really do, so I would do anything to get my hands on a new, smooth and a fresh book. So after class I dragged my parents to the bookstore, they couldn’t resist me, to find this particular volume.

And that’s it. How will I explain this? The story couldn’t get any more clenching than it already is. It was firm for the first part when Mitch met Morrie again, gripping on the next when they started talking about life and death, beguiling in the middle because of the morals and sense of wisdom, and truly heartbreaking on the end.

Mitch and Morrie had discuss everything, each other’s guilt, life , money, marriage, from family to giving mercy and compassion. The thoughts that they have exchanged contributed into how Morrie had lived his life and finally accepted death become the grounds on which Tuesdays with Morrie is written, whom Mitch considers as their final thesis together.

I was enticed and pulled under a spell by this book. It made me cry. Learning that this is a non-fiction book made me cherish it and cry even more. For the first time I shed so much tears for a book. But it is not because I am sad, but I am profoundly happy that there is such thing that would touch me more than anybody else.


you can just imagine my feelings when I met Mitch? 🙂

Imagine that Tuesdays with Morrie started out as a book that I am just required to read. It turned out to be something that would help me find the path that would impart to me honorable actions to live by. My life has been changed for good by this book. I owe so much things to Mitch, Morrie and the millions of readers around the world to whom I’m sharing this emotion with.

Thank you for the thirteen years, Morrie. Thirteen years of stirring the lives of people who crosses your book. Thirteen years of conveying heartfelt messages to us , your loyal readers, of what life is actually about, the beauty of holding on to what you believe, and finding meaning in saying goodbye.

You? What’s the book that changed your life? 🙂


4 thoughts on “How Tuesdays With Morrie Changed My Life

  1. This is such a fabulous book and I must say Mitch Albom has a way of writing that no other author has. I read this book many years ago and it still speaks to me. it is a book that will be relevant even in years to come. Another Favorite of mine is “The Five people You meet in Heaven” read that and tell me what you think.

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  2. Please read more of his works, The Five People You Meet in Heaven and the First Phone Call from Heaven are both moving as well! Don’t forget his Timekeeper and For One More Day! They are all tear jerkers! 🙂


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